RYA launches new wingsurfing training scheme

The RYA has launched its new WINGsurfing training scheme, with 12 RYA instructors now qualified to teach this new watersport. This number is expected to grow as the scheme pilots over the next 12 months.

Wingsurfing uses a wing with an inflated leading edge on a strut or boom. Unlike windsurfing, the wing isn’t attached to the board, but is controlled by your hands while you stand. As with conventional windsurfing, you can choose to fly the wing on a plain board or one with foils.

The new scheme consists of four progressive courses, aimed at introducing complete beginners to wingsurfing and developing the skills needed to wingfoil with confidence.

No previous watersports experience is necessary, making it a great option for the whole family and all abilities and ages.

“The best thing about wingsurfing is the accessibility,” explains instigator of the pilot, RYA chief instructor, Amanda Van Santen.

“It’s incredibly easy to master the basics, the kit is affordable, easy to transport and you can even get started on a large windsurf board or windSUP (stand-up paddleboard).

“As recently as five years ago, the availability, cost and skill required made most foiling sports an unrealistic option for many. Now, you only need to visit your local stretch of water to see how popular it is.”

It’s hoped the scheme will reach new audiences, encouraging more people to get active and enjoy time on the water.

“We’re delighted to be piloting the new courses and giving RYA recognised training centres an exciting new option for their customers,” continues Van Santen.

“With so many looking to make the most of opportunities closer to home this year, there couldn’t be a better time to launch and we look forward to seeing the new scheme take off!”

Visit RYA WINGsurfing scheme (https://www.rya.org.uk/training/wing-surfing) for more information.

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