Savvy Navvy integrates Meteomatics weather data

Savvy navvy weather chart

Savvy Navvy has teamed up with weather intelligence company Meteomatics, to provide app users with smarter weather solutions adapted to their location.

The latest feature from UK-based Savvy Navvy, referred to as ‘Google Maps for boats’, uses Meteomatics Mix to combine enhanced weather model sources into an intelligent blend, presenting the best weather data for each time and location. At the start of this year, Savvy Navvy raised more than £800,000, exceeding its crowdfunding target ‘within hours’.

“At Savvy Navvy everything we build is based on the concept of providing users with a smarter navigation solution,” says Jelte Liebrand, founder and CEO of Savvy Navvy. “Many weather apps provide a raft of different weather forecasting models, almost expecting boaters to be metrologists to get the most out of their sailing weather data.

“Teaming up with Meteomatics has enabled us to do that work for our users, providing them with a smarter solution with enhanced weather predictions when planning their journeys out on the waters.”

Meteomatics Mix combines ECMWF with more than 25 other weather models and scales the data in the Savvy Navvy app to a spatial resolution ranging from 0.08° to 0.011° (~6km to ~0.8km) using local topographic conditions and post-processing of data.

Dr Martin Fengler, CEO and founder of Meteomatics, adds: “We combine weather models with high-resolution terrain models, land use data and astronomical data. This allows us to achieve a level of detail that provides significant added value for our clients. In doing so, the Mix Model we have developed provides the appropriate and refined output for each coordinate worldwide, from all available.

“We are pleased our partnership with Savvy Navvy enables boaters to have that added value in weather forecasting when planning their journeys.”

Based on feedback from its more than a quarter of a million users in more than 100 countries, Savvy Navvy says new functionalities are constantly being added to enhance the user experience.

The new weather model is integrated with Savvy Navvy’s elite and premium plans, which are available to try for free.

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