Scaramouche Sailing Trust seeks trustees

The Scaramouche Sailing Trust is looking for two new trustees to help raise crucial funds for Greig City Academy (GCA) Sailing Programme and shape the future of the charity.

Since 2014, the GCA Sailing Programme has established an extraordinary track record in changing lives through sailing. It has provided opportunities to students from inner city London who would never have got afloat otherwise.

A host of people have volunteered their time and support to make this possible and it has won financial backing from Sport England and sponsors like the DUAL Group.

But, behind the scenes, says the trust, it has been a hand-to-mouth existence. It has often been uncertain where all the money is going to come from to keep the programme running.

Now, the Scaramouche Sailing Trust has been set up as a registered charity to move the programme on to a more stable footing. There is tremendous potential to bring in more consistent financial support, and also to explore how other state schools can bring the benefits of sailing to their students.

Thus, it’s looking for people who have a passion for sailing, a commitment to make it available to young people from all backgrounds, and the time and energy to become a trustee.

It’s organised an online session to talk about the role on 17 June – register today.

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