The Ocean Cleanup unveils updated system

The Ocean Cleanup will unveil its next iteration of its ocean cleanup technology: System 002, at IMarEST’s annual conference (28 June – 9 July).

“In 2018, we launched our first cleanup system into the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (GPGP); after a structural failure we brought it back ashore, nearly four months after we left San Francisco,” says Hanna Beumer, brand activation manager at The Ocean Cleanup.

“In 2019, we returned with System 001/B which successfully proved the concept by catching plastic but faced challenges retaining some of it. Now, after 18 months of further development, we will return to the GPGP this year with the next ocean system, System 002. This is an important milestone because this system will not only be full-scale, but we will also unveil how we expect for the first time to extract large amounts of waste from the ocean.

“Our CEO and founder, Boyan Slat, together with two lead engineers, will present this development with a 90-minute deep dive into the new technology design. This year’s IMarEST conference will be the first time this is presented to the public.”

Registration is via IMarEST. Other topics being discussed include latest insights from the blue economy; progress and pathways towards decarbonisation; safeguarding the ocean environment; and navigating towards net zero emissions.

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