Sea-cleaning ‘Jellyfishbot’ enters UK market

French robotics startup IADYS is bringing its ‘Jellyfishbot’ sea-cleaning marine drone to the UK market after announcing a partnership with P&D Marine Group.

The Jellyfishbot is a bright-yellow remote-controlled device that scoops marine waste and oil from harbours, marinas and waterways into a net. Measuring the size of a litter bin, the Jellyfishbot can squeeze into areas that larger cleaners with nets may not be able to reach.

IADYS says the electric-powered Jellyfishbot can clean waste, including bottles, cans, plastic wrappers, cigarette butts, microplastics and hydrocarbons, helping prevent dispersal of pollution into the sea by collecting it closer to the source. The device pulls waste into a net that trails behind it in the water.

There are already 40 Jellyfishbots in service deployed across 15 French ports, including Cannes, Saint-Tropez, Le Havre and the Saint-Nazaire shipyard. In addition to P&D in the UK, IADYS currently has distributors for the device in Japan, Singapore, Finland and Norway. It says it is looking to expand into several more global markets in the coming months.

Nicolas Carlesi, founder and CEO of IADYS, is a keen diver and sailor who had the idea for the company after seeing how much waste floats around in ports. With the British Government’s Environment Bill due to be applied before the end of the year, he says that it’s the perfect time for the company to enter the UK market.

Neill Walker, P&D Marine Group’s business development manager, says the company recognises the significant environmental impact the marine industry has on waterways. “We believe we needed an innovative approach and aim to bring more environmental products and services to the markets we operate in – Jellyfishbot being the first for us in the UK.”

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