Sea scooter helps sets world record for longest distance travelled underwater

Man dragged along underwater by sea scooter. He wears a dive mask

Who hasn’t contemplated what they can set a world record for? Now it’s Alex Khan’s turn in the spotlight as the combination of one breath, longest distance travelled underwater and open seas are just the ticket to gain access into this exclusive club . . . although MIN‘s not sure Guinness will be publishing this one in its book of world records.

Nevertheless, Khan achieved 250 metres (820 feet) in just 81 seconds from a standing start using the iAQUA AquaDart 770 Extreme, said to be the world’s fastest sea scooter. Guinness world records include 200 metres as the longest distance swam underwater with one breath (record holder is Tom Sietas, 2008), and 67.60 metres being the longest distance cycling underwater without oxygen (record holder is Fabio Falla, 2013).

iAQUA was in the news earlier this year when it started offering trade-ins for broken/unusable sea scooters – it’d calculated that there are 15,000 unusable ones in circulation and offered its scheme for broken toys manufactured by Altivs APX, Seabob, SeaDart, Awake, Fliteboard, Lift, Jet Surf, Lampuga, Radinn, SiFly, Wave Shark, and Waydoo.

Khan wanted to showcase the pure power of the AquaDart propulsion system. That’s got 5.2kw max power, 770 Newtons thrust, and seven gears. Its carbon-fibre body nips through the water at speeds of up to 25 kph.

Water travels through the under-side water duct, from suction to propulsion, while the anti-cavitation propeller pushes a massive volume of water to provide, what the company’s statement terms ‘bewildering’ thrust. It comes with twin super-bright 1700-lumen headlights to provide long-range visibility.

The scooter is controlled with two buttons and triggers. Its dual-operated control grips mean if one hand leaves either grip, the AquaDart Pro stops. The controlled starting depth of the AquaDart Pro is two metres. At five metres divers can continue in increments of five to a maximum of 45 metres, at which point the motor will automatically stop.

aerial view of man being dragged along underwater by sea scooter from iAqua

“I was amazed by the sheer speed and power of the iAQUA AquaDart 770 Extreme and how far I travelled in just 81 seconds. It truly is the world’s fastest scooter available and has great safety features,” says Khan.

Out of interest, if anyone’s inspired to grab a record and needs inspiration, the greatest distance travelled with a football balanced on the head is 49.17 km (30.5 miles). That was achieved by Manoj Mishra in 2016.

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