Seafloatech showcasing marina pod at IMBC

Seafloatech is showcasing its latest innovation at the International Marina and Boatyard Conference in Fort Lauderdale, Florida (starting today).

Named the Seafloatech Pod® (bottom / float interface), the system is said to have a low ecological footprint and be totally reversible.

It previously won the ‘MARIN HIGH-TECH Trophy for Innovation 2019’ and ‘Coup de Coeur Trophy’ at the Paris Boat Show 2019. It’s connected to sea, lake and riverbeds using an ecological system (anchors, screws, sealing) and consists of a mast articulated at its base, which pistons in its upper part to minimise the effects of the tide.

The Seafloatech Pod allows the construction of floating structures as collective moorings, artificial beaches, restaurants, housing and also can be applied for industrial and military uses.

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