SEAVIEW | Radar, Satcom, POD & Cable Gland Mounting Solutions


Seaview is the global leader in designing and manufacturing mounting solutions for marine electronics. Offering hundreds of installation options for optimal positioning of radar, satellite and tv domes, GPS, VHF, camera, searchlights and navigation lights, Seaview’s mounting solutions will not only provide unmatched strength and durability but look elegant, complementing the styling of your boat.


Working closely with all major electronics manufacturers, Seaview offers an innovative range of high quality products for powerboats, sailboats, yachts, commercial and military vessels. Whilst the company offers a comprehensive selection of standard mounts, personalised mast solutions are also available for installations unsuitable for a standard mount. Seaview mounting systems can be found onboard many of the world’s finest yachts.

Performance Data

Seaview mounts will properly elevate your electronics, to eliminate interference and encourage their longevity by keeping your valuable equipment clear of any accidental damage.

Unlike any other mount available, Seaview takes finish to another level. Prior to Seaview’s standard 3-part epoxy primer and powder coat, each high-grade aluminium part is now Chem-Filmed (using a similar process to Boeing), thus ensuring the best possible finish and corrosion resistance.

Seaview mounts are compact and can help you combine all your marine electronics together using one simple solution. The product each have a small footprints and one centre hole for wiring point of entry.

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To find out more about Seaview’s range of mounting solutions, please visit its website.

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