Seldén Mast dominance at 2019 505 World Championships

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Seldén Mast is celebrating their dominance of product at last week’s 505 World Championships held in Freemantle, Australia. The top 5 were dominated with Seldén product, in positions 1, 2, 3 and further results through the top 10.

Mike Martin and Adam Lowry were super-fast throughout the regatta and were using an Alto section mast. Seldén has been a supplier of rigs for the class for many years from the early days of E to the current offering of Alto and Cumulus. The 505 class is constantly looking for the ultimate, consistent mast and for this reason they turn to Seldén.

Masts are produced in XPS Aluminium which has been developed exclusively by Seldén’s own engineers in conjunction with their aluminium extrusion supply partner. Designed to increase the hardness, durability and corrosion resistance of a dinghy mast, XPS has a significantly elevated proof stress which means that masts are less likely to take a permanent set. Mast bend is a very real problem for many dinghy classes who operate close to their masts’ yield point (the point where the mast is not able to recover its original straight position) in more extreme conditions, as seen at the Worlds in Freemantle last week.

Constant investment in their CNC taper cutting machine and automated welding processes produce consistent tubes time after time, this reduces the inconsistency that are common with other spar manufacturers. Holes and slots for fittings are now routered with a CNC milling machine for the ultimate in accuracy and repeatability.

High quality fittings are used throughout the 505-spar range, from high load ball bearing sheave boxes, the award winning fully-adjustable spreader range, and a full range of different gooseneck options for different applications.

All sailors like to be able to have their preferred boat fitout and the 505 is the king of custom layouts. Listening to customers feedback, a Seldén 505 mast is supplied overlength to fit almost every 505-hull design. Structural elements are fitted offering the opportunity for any layout.

Not only do they produce a fast mast, booms and poles are available too. Carbon booms and poles are 100% filament wound in carbon fibre for the ultimate repeatable spar with a range of fitouts for launch lined poles and end-for-end solutions.

Seldén is looking forward to working with dealers and sailmakers to close out the remainder of the top 10 at the next 505 World Championships, to be held in the Swedish summer of 2020. New developments are on the drawing board from feedback from sailors to make sure they are always at the front of this global class.

For more information on any of Seldén’s products, please visit their website or contact your local dealer.

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