Shakespeare Marine expands in Saudi, Brazil and French Polynesia

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Antenna designer Shakespeare Marine is welcoming four new distributors to its global roster.

Based in Saudi Arabia, Offshore is the first of the four new distributors joining Shakespeare Marine’s distributor network and is the first organisation from the Middle East. Renowned for providing safety equipment products and services to major marine services companies, the brand has initially taken stock of a range of VHF antennas and mounts.

Also from the Middle East and taking similar VHF stock, Alfardan joins the network, bringing experience and contacts from Qatar, along with the Gulf and the Middle Eastern markets.

In French Polynesia, Assystem joins Shakespeare’s distributor network and has selected the high-end Galaxy VHF antenna to lead the territory. The award-winning Galaxy antennas are made from thick brass and copper elements – designed to enable greater range, clarity, and efficiency. 

Googlemarine provides naval electronics services and products for customers in Brazil and also joins Shakespeare. Googlemarine is set to develop its leisure marine offering by supplying light commercial VHF and HF Shakespeare Marine products to the region. 

All four regions and brands have plans to develop the offering over the coming months.

Shakespeare Marine is a global antenna brand with products stocked in 67 countries around the world.

Dave Manasseh, European sales manager for Shakespeare Marine, says: “We are delighted to be expanding into both Saudi and French Polynesia for the first time. A core focus for us as a business this year is to build our presence in Asia, as well as continuing to grow in regions such as Brazil and Qatar. We look forward to sharing new opportunities with our four latest partners in 2024 and beyond.”

Rcently, Shakespeare Marine announced a new distribution hub in Shanghai. It’s has appointed multiple distributors in the past twelve months, including in India, France and Italy.

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