Silent-Yachts announces sales of solar-electric catamaran

The Silent 80 is an oceangoing solar-electric catamaran that uses electric propulsion for unlimited range without noise or fumes and minimal vibration, and is said to be virtually maintenance-free. The catamaran is fitted with a pair of electric engines (135 kW each in standard Cruiser version, 250 kW each in E-Power version). In the most powerful version, the Silent 80 can reach up to 16 knots.

Silent-Yachts has announced it’s sold two more of its circa 4.4million euro yachts.

The catamaran is capable of going at 6-7 knots in complete silence and with unlimited range passing around 100 nautical miles per day. With 70 high-efficiency solar panels rated for approximately 25 kilowatt-peak, the Silent 80 uses maximum power point tracking (MPPT) solar charge regulators and the same lithium batteries as used by Tesla, which provide capacity for all-night cruising, while a 20-kVA inverter provides power for all household appliances. 

The Silent 80 has a generator which is used to recharge batteries in the rare case when higher speed is required for longer periods or if the weather is bad for several days. In addition, a “Hybrid Power” version of the Silent 80 has a pair of 220 HP diesel engines combined with two 20 kW electric motors.

As there is no actual engine room because the yacht is solar-powered, the Silent 80 has the largest garage in the category. There is enough space for a 4.5-meter long tender, an amphibious car and a gyrocopter on floats.

“We moved the first Silent 80 hull from the first production facility to the final production facility 50 km away at the end of March,” says Michael Köhler, Founder and CEO. “We are happy to be able to continue our production despite uncertain times for the world economy.”

“We are currently expanding our team to be well prepared for the future. We go on having inquiries and we are experiencing growing interest in our yachts which can be traced back to the energy independence and unlimited range.” says Werner Puntschart, Chief Sales Officer.

Currently, the company is able to keep producing at two out of four production sites.

“We have two production sites in Italy currently closed, but we plan to resume working as soon as the governmental regimentations allow. We expect some delays but nothing serious,” says Köhler.

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