Solé Diesel rebrands with new name

Solé Diesel at METSTRADE (1) Solé Diesel at METSTRADE 2023.

Solé Diesel, a Barcelona-based manufacturer of marine engines and generators, has rebranded as Solé Advance. The Spanish firm, which has a history spanning over a century, says its name change and new visual identity represent a complete brand renewal.

The rebranding has been developed by the brand consultancy Branward and represents a new direction for the firm.

With Solé Advance, the company says it is preparing for a more sustainable future in the nautical sector through innovation. This is represented in the new company motto: “Sailing to new horizons”.

Marieli Solé, CEO of Solé Advance, highlights that “the new brand is more than just a logo change. It represents a profound transformation that reflects the evolution of our traditional values and our commitment to the future of the nautical sector.”

The firm has also created a new website to accompany the rebranding effort.

A statement issued by Solé says: “We continue our tradition of offering first-class products and solutions that guarantee maximum peace of mind on every sea voyage. From reliable marine engines to high-performance generators and the most versatile marine accessories, we are committed to providing innovative solutions that meet our customers’ needs, wherever they are.”

The news comes months after Solé confirmed all its marine engines and generators are now compatible with HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) fuel.

HVO, a renewable and sustainable fuel alternative, holds significant promise in transforming marine propulsion towards cleaner and greener operations.

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