Stunning new cruise liner ready for maiden voyage

According to Croatia News, the luxurious Golden Horizon is ready for her maiden voyage in spring 2021.

She’s said to be the largest traditional sail ship in the world and has been built in Split by Brodosplit to the template of a square-rigged sailing vessel called France II from the year 1913.

British cruise company, Tradewind Voyages is offering places on the first voyage of the ship. The first cruise will see her sail around the coast and islands of Scotland and England. For the moment, the Golden Horizon is still moored in Split, where she was built.

“The growth of Tradewind Voyages has been nothing short of miraculous, all the more so because we’ve had to do so much of it in lockdown,” says Jeremy McKenna, sales and marketing director, Tradewind Voyages.

“For everyone, working from home has presented its challenges, but I think it is particularly difficult when you are starting and growing a business.

“We’ve saved time in not having to travel to and from meetings, but you miss the personal touch of a face-to-face meeting when you are hiring people or trying to agree deals, not forgetting building a team spirit. I think I must have done well over 800 Zoom calls.”

The company, who is now taking bookings, offers sustainable trips, following the wind and the sun, on the largest square-rigged sailing ship in the world.

Golden Horizon is 162m long and 18.5m wide, with five steel masts, 35 sails and can accommodate 300 passengers and 150 crew members. She holds a two-floored restaurant that can seat all passengers simultaneously and a glass-bottomed swimming pool.

The first passengers are expected to board for the debut two-week cruise on 1 May 2021. After its maiden voyage, it will spend the rest of the season touring Iceland, England and Ireland, the Arctic, the Baltic Sea, Norway, Denmark, Spain and Portugal, with each cruise usually lasting seven or fourteen days.

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