Superyacht ‘Crabmaran’ for travelling on water, sand and mud, designs revealed

Italian design studio Lazzarini Design has unveiled plans for a futuristic amphibious superyacht with six bedrooms, solar panels on its two hulls and space to carry an off-road vehicle.

Known as the Pagarus and thought to be worth £22million, the 82ft vessel can cruise at 24 knots (28mph) on the water and carry up to eight passengers as well as its four crew.

But the screw-like cylinders on the underside of the boat can also be lowered on land, allowing the vehicle to plough through sand and mud – with one artist’s impression even mocking it up as a piece of military hardware, says the Daily Mail.

It takes its name from a Latin word for a type of crab, and is also known as the ‘Crabmaran’ because of its apparent resemblance to the crustacean. This is from the company which brought us Prodigium, a shark-shaped megayacht, last November.

Each of the two hulls is topped with a solar panel, although the boat’s main engine would be diesel-powered, and the turning cylinders underneath would help to recharge the engine’s battery.

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