Cornish firms team up to create 3D visuals for marine industry

A Cornish naval architect has partnered with a high-tech laser scanning company to provide cutting-edge 3D visuals for the marine industry.

Having worked together on a range of marine projects in the Far East and Europe, as well as closer to home at Pendennis Shipyard and A&P Falmouth, Jack Gifford Marine Design Ltd (JGMD) and 3DMSI Ltd are now formalising their long-standing collaboration by creating a new joint venture.

JGMD and 3DMSI collectively ensure the accuracy and technical success of some of the most prominent private yachts, classic restorations and commercial refits by fusing time-honoured skills with industry-leading technology.

The 3D visuals can be used when increased levels of technical detail to inform the design development of a new build are required, a real-time stability assessment for a ship that is in service afloat is needed, a historic craft is to be revitalised, or a racing yacht is to be optimised.

“Modern laser scanning techniques deliver quality in the form of hydrostatic, stability and structural information,” explains 3DMSI’s Managing Director, Dr James Jobling-Purser. “At 3DMSI, we take a pioneering approach to problem-solving through our analysis of 3D geospatial data. By tailoring our skills that were honed in the mining and architectural sectors for the marine industry, we can capture key hull data up to the water line of a craft whilst it is afloat and offer design engineering whilst it is in service, to minimise vessel down-time, which is highly beneficial to the client.”

Managing Director of JGMD, Jack Gifford, comments: “New builds, refits and restorations also benefit from a greater level of design input as a result of the wealth of data that 3DMSI is able to capture through its innovative scanning techniques. With our unique tool-box of skills, we can provide key information to clients faster to inform their decision-making; test concepts more efficiently, and develop design elements – such as fixtures, fittings and interior engineering – for any vessel, anywhere.”

The partnership will offer worldwide coverage for private and commercial clients.

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