UIM E1 Series partners with boat builder

The UIM E1 Series and SeaBird Technologies have announced they are joining forces with the expert marine engineers at Victory Marine to develop, manufacture and assemble the electric RaceBird powerboat that will feature in the UIM E1 World Electric Powerboat Series.

Coming on board as the Official RaceBird Engineering and Manufacturing Supplier of the E1 Series, Victory Marine will work on the conceptual design created by SeaBird Technologies Founder Sophi Horne and lead a consortium of marine engineering specialists to bring the RaceBird to life, according to the MIA.

“I’m happy to be working with Victory Marine to make the RaceBird a reality. As a designer, it’s always a special moment to see your own concept come to life,” says Horne. “With a vast amount of experience in building and assembling race boats, the expert engineers at Victory Marine will be able to take my design drawings and produce something you can physically race on the ocean, lakes and rivers around the world. As the name suggests, the inspiration for the boat came from birds and with Victory Marine we’ll soon be watching the RaceBird in action and taking flight on the water.”

Together with Victory Marine, E1 and SeaBird Technologies will combine their knowledge to create the platform of the high-tech vessel – from its hull, propulsion architecture, foil controls and its hydro and aerodynamic features.

Brunello Acampora, CEO of Victory Marine, comments: “Victory Marine is thrilled to partner with E1 and SeaBird Technologies to engineer and manufacture the new electric powerboat for the E1 Series, and deliver on the innovative conceptual design of the RaceBird. Our team is privileged to be involved in co-pioneering this new competition focused on revolutionising electric marine mobility. We see the E1 Series as truly innovative – an engineering challenge and the ultimate proving ground for cutting-edge electric powerboats.”

Competing in the global E1 Series, each RaceBird powerboat will be driven by a single pilot and will be targeting speeds of up to 60 knots (111 km/h or 69 mph). The first RaceBirds will be unveiled on June 8, to coincide with World Oceans Day, with prototype testing scheduled to take place in October later this year.

Alongside building and developing the full fleet of race-ready RaceBird powerboats specially for the E1 Series, Victory Marine has also been tasked with engineering and manufacturing the sister SeaBird model, a six-person electric foiling powerboat that will be made accessible to anyone through a shared booking platform.

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