Up the creek without a paddle

A kayaker believed to have travelled from England to Scotland was left up the creek without a paddle, having to be rescued after becoming stuck on an island.

Seemingly, he was camping over the Easter weekend on Inchtavannach, Loch Lomond. After taking a walk around the island, he returned to his campsite to find his paddle gone.

Loch Lomond Rescue Boat (LLRB) says it was contacted by the police and collected the kayaker, transferring him and his remaining equipment to Aldochly on the mainland.

“The rescue boat was launched and located the person on the island and safely transferred himself and his equipment over to his car at Aldochlay. LLRB then returned to Luss and stood down,” says a Facebook post from Loch Lomond Rescue Boat.

“This person had travelled from England to camp on the island for the Easter weekend. Please could we remind all to stick to the Covid rules and keep people safe.”

A Police Scotland spokesperson told The Guardian: “The local lifeboat service were contacted and the incident handed to them – the man was rescued safe and well.”

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