VIDEO: Four people cut off by tide on Jurassic coast in heli rescue

Four people and their two dogs have been rescued from the famous Ammonite Pavement, near Lyme Regis on the UK’s south coast. The four casualties became stranded when the tide came in quicker than they could escape.

The four were out for a walk along the Jurassic coastline at 5pm when they realised they had been cut off by the incoming tide on the famous Lyme Regis fossil beach, and had to call for help.

Three of the group were together with one of the dogs and were able to raise the alarm, but said they were concerned about one person and one dog on their own.

Lyme Regis and Beer Coastguard rescue teams were sent, alongside Lyme Regis RNLI, and were able to locate all casualties. It quickly became apparent the coastguard helicopter from Newquay would be needed to reach and rescue them.

The team from Newquay winched all four people and the two dogs from the beach and returned them safely to shore.

Rob Sansom, senior coastal operations officer for HM Coastguard, says: “This is a perfect example of how quickly things can change at our coasts.

“These four were out for a relaxing and healthy new year walk on the beach and, all of a sudden, they found themselves cut off. It can happen very easily and very quickly. They did the right thing by calling for help; if they hadn’t, the outcome could have been fatal. So remember to check the tide times before setting out for a walk on a beach.

“If in danger, call 999 and ask for the coastguard.”

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