Volvo Penta expands electronic vessel control system

Volvo Penta has improved the functionality and features of its Electronic Vessel Control (EVC 2) system as well as expanding it to its complete marine leisure gasoline range and D8 diesel engines. The company also plans to gradually make its EVC2 available for D11, D13, and D16 diesel engine ranges.

With features such as the Joystick Docking, Dynamic Positioning System and Glass Cockpit, Volvo Penta’s EVC system enables a boat’s engine, control systems and instruments, as well as other functions on board, to communicate and exchange information.

First launched in 2003, a major upgrade to the EVC platform was introduced in 2019 with EVC 2 – previously only available with the D4-D6 engine. The EVC 2 system is now available to its complete marine leisure gasoline range and D8 diesel engines. 

The system is fully type-approved for all major classification societies thereby benefiting both marine leisure and commercial customers.

A key new feature integrated into the platform is the onboard maintenance assistant which informs users of service dates, while also tracking past servicing and diagnostic information in real-time.

Regardless of how many engines are in the installation, the EVC 2 platform has one single connection point for diagnostics and software providing greater ease of maintenance, as well as enhanced software downloads and diagnostics.

The new electrical architecture ensures faster software downloads, improved diagnostics, and traceability, as well as the ability to upgrade to additional functionality in the future. This gives builders more flexibility in the process of building a boat all the way from ordering, manufacturing, and delivery.

“Securing functionality growth is an important part of EVC 2,” explains Jonas Welinder, product planner at Volvo Penta. “Many of the innovations that have set us apart over the years have derived from EVC and the superior level of experience it enables. Notable features such as the Glass Cockpit, Easy Connect, Assisted Docking, and Water Sport Control would not be possible without this intuitive integration platform. Volvo Penta’s EVC 2 also benefits OEMs with easier installation and greater flexibility. As the system continues to evolve, we’ll deliver even more solutions that make boating easier and better than ever.”

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