WATCH: HMS Active sunk in Pakistan navy drill

HMS Active, a Type 21 frigate which was transferred to Pakistan in 1994 and renamed the PNS Shah Jahan has been sunk during a Pakistan navy live-fire drill in the North Arabian Sea.

Active was built in Southampton, launched in 1972 and survived the Falklands War. She was sold to Pakistan in 1994 and renamed the PNS Shah Jahan.

The navy drill earlier this month saw the Pakistan Navy Fleet firing live weapons, with the frigate among the targets that were destroyed with anti-ship missiles and torpedoes.

HMS Active served as a general purpose frigate in the Royal Navy. During the Falklands War the ship was used to escort supply convoys and carry out shore bombardment missions at night. By the mid-1980s, in common with the other surviving Type 21s, Active suffered from hull cracking.

From 1998–2008, the ship underwent extensive modernisation at the Naval Base Karachi and was reclassified as guided missile destroyer. Her wartime performance included in deployments in patrolling off the Gulf of Aden, Gulf of Oman, Persian Gulf, and Arabian Sea, according to the Daily Mail.

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