Reliable automated control with Whale’s pumps


Intelligent Control, or IC fluid technology developed by Whale is fitted to a wide range of its products and makes automated pump control both possible and reliable. This automatic operation takes away the need for users to manually interact with the pump ultimately offering a greater overall boating experience for the user, while also safeguarding the boat. 


The IC Gulper range is available with either manifold, shower gulley or bilge evacuation fitted with solid state fluid sensor technology. This makes them easy to install and provides a fully automated wastewater handling solution. The Gulper can also be fitted to larger grey waste multiport tanks with built in IC fluid sensor, it’s Whale’s simple but effective solution to handling multiple shower and sink wastes.

The IC fluid sensing technology is also incorporated into the Supersub range of compact bilge pumps to provide fully automated and reliable bilge level control. These submersible bilge pumps also take the water level down to 9mm and have a non-return valve fitted to prevent back flow from the discharge pipe when the pump shuts down.

Whale’s legacy started with manual pump design and manufacture and has grown to be the market leading pump brand it is today. 

The boater’s expectation for freshwater systems onboard is as they experience at home, offering smooth, quiet, and consistent water flow throughout the boat. Whale’s high-capacity Double Stack water system pump kit has been designed to give optimal performance and self regulates from low flow to a high demand automatically. The twin pump system works in tandem with the built-in accumulator tank to regulate the right water pressure and flow rate the boat’s system needs at any one time.   

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