Wider launches its first hybrid catamaran

WiderCat 92

Italian yacht builder Wider has launched the first unit of its hybrid catamaran, WiderCat 92, from its new Fano facilities.

The 28-metre composite catamaran integrates Wider’s hybrid propulsion system, with twin electric motors delivering 500kW each to the thrusters and two 349kW variable speed generators for electrical energy production.

The system’s heart is the yacht’s n°30 LiFePO4 (Lithium-Iron Phosphate) batteries, managed by a battery management system to facilitate intelligent charge balancing.

Wider says the generators aboard WiderCat 92 operate at minimum power consumption, allowing cruising in ZEM (Zero Emission Mode) with a 27-nautical-mile range at 6 knots in complete silence or a 14-hour autonomy on battery power at anchor.

Additionally, 150 m2 of solar panels ensure energy self-sufficiency at anchor, with any excess energy stored in the batteries for nighttime use.

WiderCat 92 (

Designed by Luca Dini Design in partnership with Wider Centro Stile, the WiderCat 92 unit #1 features two generous VIP cabins and a twin guest cabin located on the lower deck. The main deck is dedicated to a spacious owner’s suite, complete with a private foredeck lounge, occupying nearly half of the total space. Additionally, a four-cabin layout option is available. The galley is situated on the main deck as well.

Beyond the customisable aft cockpit on the main deck, the upper deck offers an additional forward cockpit, a sky lounge and the helm station.

The tender garage features a transom hatch that transforms into an expansive swim platform, while the fold-down bulwarks serve a dual purpose: enriching the beach club and discreetly concealing storage compartments for water toys.

“The WiderCat 92 is a collective masterpiece, a synthesis of vision, craftsmanship, and cutting-edge technology,” says Marcello Maggi, head of W-Fin Sarl, the holding company that owns 100 per cent of Wider equity. “Each designer, engineer, and craftsman has poured their passion into this endeavour. As we celebrate this achievement, I have full confidence that, just as in our previous milestones, the WiderCat 92 will set a new standard in the industry.”

 WiderCat 92

The new production facilities at Wider’s shipyard between Fano’s old port and the Touristic Marina in Fano are already partially operational and set for completion in a few months. Construction of the portion dedicated to the offices will start soon. The roof will be completely covered with solar panels.

The outfitting of the WiderCat 92 will continue before sea trials and commissioning.

In December 2023, Wider appointed Norberto Ferretti, co-founder of Ferretti Yachts, as honorary president of its board as part of an overall brand restructuring.

All images courtesy of Wider Yachts.

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