Imtra expands Zipwake control options and availability

Zipwake Mini Controller Imtra

Marine systems specialist Imtra has introduced the all-new Zipwake Mini Controller in the US market, and expanded the availability of the Zipwake Dynamic Trim Control Solution, with new boatbuilding partners.

The Zipwake system is said to incorporate fast-acting interceptors that provide lift to help deliver a more comfortable ride, better performance and improved fuel consumption.

The new Mini Controller, which launched at METSTRADE 2023 and debuted in the US at the Miami International Boat Show 2024, acts as an ‘eyes-free’ remote for the system, giving boaters better control for optimal trim in any conditions. This allows users to have a compact control option while being able to view Zipwake performance data on their MFD without needing a dedicated Zipwake control and display. Imtra says users can also let the Zipwake system work automatically or make manual adjustments with the control wheels.

“Zipwake makes the boating experience more enjoyable and accessible with smart, adjustable trim and stabilisation,” says Jamie Simmons, Zipwake product manager at Imtra. “With the Mini Controller, boaters can now access that system with their fingertips, allowing total control without taking up valuable helm real estate. This solution is so desirable that we are already seeing boatbuilders adopt the technology on their flagship models.”

Zipwake Mini Controller Imtra (2)

More boatbuilders are including the Zipwake Dynamic Trim Control Solution on their latest vessels, according to Imtra. Recent additions include Bahama Boat Works, Cobalt Boats, Hinckley Yachts, Invincible Boats, NorthCoast Boats, Sea Pro, Steiger Craft and Tidewater Boats.

“In this era of innovation and expansion from Zipwake, we’re delighted to have more boatbuilders including these technologies on their vessels,” says Simmons. “Zipwake enhances the boating experience by optimizing trim for any condition. We’re excited that so many boat builders are adopting Zipwake to give their customers a better ride, and with the release of the Mini Controller, this technology has never been more exciting or accessible.”

The rugged and waterproof device can be surface-mounted or flush-mounted. Users can choose from a number of configurations to suit their personal taste, including a basic set-up with Zipwake’s control panel, or a suite with connected MFDs and smart devices using the Integrator Module – with the Mini Controller added for easier control. Up to three controllers can be integrated into the Zipwake system, which also comes with GPS, and the option for automatic engine ignition through ignition key sense.

The Zipwake Mini Controller is available for purchase starting in March 2024.

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