Zipwake offers control cure for wet fingers

Zipwake mini controller

Zipwake says it’s bringing together the best of two worlds with its new Mini Controller, which it launched at METSTRADE 2023.

The company says it’s responding to a demand from boatbuilders – giving them the freedom to design attractive, modern dashboards — as well as delivering all the control boaters need and in doing so, the controller completes the trim control puzzle.

Although MFDs continue to grow in popularity, their touchscreens can sometimes be challenging to operate at sea, says Zipwake, especially if the helmsman’s fingers are wet or the weather is rough. Thus, the new Mini Controller acts as an ‘eyes-free’ remote control for the Zipwake App, giving boaters total system control for optimum trim without having to reach for a touchscreen.

Boaters can either let the Zipwake system work automatically or make manual adjustments with the control wheels. When connected to the integrator module, the Mini Controller’s built-in GPS enables the trim control system to operate automatically without requiring an external GPS source and its ‘key sense’ can be connected to the engine ignition for automatic system power-on.

The Mini Controller is compatible with all Zipwake system components and is available as an accessory or spare part.

Zipwake manufactures interceptor-based dynamic trim control systems for planing and semi-planing boats. It launched its first product line in 2014, the Series S, and now claims to have the widest range of interceptor systems and solutions in the industry. It builds its products in Sweden and distributes globally.

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