Damen to fit VEEM gyrostabiliser to Naviera Integral FCS

Damen Shipyards Group has placed an order with VEEM, the Western Australia-based manufacturer of marine stabilisation products, for a VG1000SD Gyrostabiliser. Damen Services will supply the gyrostabiliser to one of Naviera Integral’s latest Fast Crew Suppliers (FCS) 5009, as well as providing the required engineering and supervision of the installation.

The vessel, which is one of fifteen Damen FCS 5009 vessels in Naviera Integral’s fleet, operates in the Gulf of Mexico. The company says its client sees the advantages in the increased safety and cost-efficiency offered by marine access solutions.

The incorporation of the 20-tonne VEEM unit will reduce roll motions significantly, enabling the vessel to operate with optimal speed and efficiency, even in rough seas.

Marcel van Hemert, account manager at Damen says: “Installing the stabilisers to the FCS 5009 will considerably increase comfort for those on board. Additionally, the vessel will be able to operate in harsher weather conditions, maximising uptime. We are very confident that integration of gyrostabilisers to marine access solutions has a promising future. This paves the way for marine access farther from shore to become a more relevant and practical solution, making offshore transfers both safer and more cost-efficient.”

The use of a VEEM Gyrostabiliser on a Damen Fast Crew Supplier has already been proven. In 2018, twin VEEM VG260SD stabilisers were fitted to an FCS 5009 and tested in the North Sea.

During the trials, the simple effects of switching the stabilisers on and off demonstrated their success with roll motion of the vessel being reduced by between 35 and 40% in DP mode.

As a result of this trial, Damen is installing a VG1000DS stabiliser to its forthcoming FCS 7011 vessel, currently under construction at Damen Shipyards Antalya, Turkey.

VEEM typically produces its gyrostabilisers for motor yachts, fast ferries, workboats and naval vessels. The installation of the stabilisers to Damen’s FCS 7011 and 5009 vessels marks the first time this technology has been used in the commercial offshore supply sector.

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