David Beckham lends his acting cred to Riva

Riva has released its latest advert. Loosely inspired by The Persuaders (a show from the 1970s) it features Pierfrancesco Favino, an Italian actor, alongside David Beckham, an icon of British style and footballer, and Charles Leclerc, a Scuderia Ferrari team racing driver. But the Riva and Ferretti Group boats are the real stars of the show.

The Ferreti group describes its offering as an ‘enthralling action film . . . a blend of elegance, irony and adrenaline’. That’s debatable. Yes to elegance and irony. But, it’s more Face-Palme (d’Or) than prize winning enthralling excitement.

The film was made over the past few weeks (May/June22) on the coastline around the border between Italy and the Côte d’Azur.

“Riva’s story reads like a movie and this extraordinary short film, with its awesome trio of protagonists, is the perfect celebration of the brand’s 180th anniversary,” says Ferretti Group CEO Alberto Galassi.

Together with the three celebrities, the stars of the film are the boats built by the storied Riva yard, as well as a Ferrari and a vintage Maserati.

Some might regard the decision to be involved by Beckham, a UNICEF ambassador, as dubious. He’s previously been accused of flaunting his huge wealth, and it could be argued whether this is the right thing to do in the current climate as when MIN reported Beckham had bought a new Ferreti, passions ran high. Some readers felt that the flaunting of such wealth in the face of poverty and homelessness crisis’ in the UK was inappropriate, while others asked why shouldn’t he enjoy what he’s worked for?

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