Exhibitor space at Genoa ‘sold out’ says Italian Marine Industry Association

The 61st Genoa International Boat Show has announced it’s ‘sold out’ in terms of national and international exhibitors. This, organiser’s say, is in part due to the ‘tremendous success’ of the boat show’s 60th edition last year, ‘the only industry event in Europe to take place in person and in full compliance with the highest standards of health and safety, during the year of the pandemic’.

Organisers say current predictions, as presented by the Italian Marine Industry Association’s Market Analysis Department, confirm nothing but positive and sustained growth.

The show (16-20 Sept) will spread across over 200,000 square metres on land and sea, 85% of which is entirely outdoors, and will host over 1,000 boats.

The development of a brand new Levante waterfront is ongoing. This project began in October 2020 and will reach completion in 2023, creating 200 new berths and a completely redeveloped indoor sporting arena. It will feature zero-emission buildings, a park of hallmark Mediterranean trees and a ‘masterplan’ of promenades and docking areas.

“The 61st Genoa International Boat Show will only gain ground, in fact, with the current redevelopment for the brand new waterfront, we will gain a docking area at the centre of the boat show, which will allow for new spaces and paths for visitors, with more room to breathe,” says Alessandro Campagna, commercial director of I Saloni Nautici (organisers).

“On land there will be 14% more floor space while the new dock will provide 19% more water surface. We will be using 200 thousand square metres, 85% of which will be completely outdoors, to house over 1,000 boats representing almost 1,000 brands.”

Tickets are available online.

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