boot Düsseldorf: Ferretti Yachts 580, Wally update and 2023 investment plans

Ferretti Yachts 580

Ferretti Group kicked off 2023 at boot Düsseldorf, where the group opened the presentation of its fleet with the premiere of the Ferretti Yachts 580 – an ultra modern new flybridge.

At the company’s press conference, held on Saturday 21 January at the trade show in Germany, the Ferretti Group discussed its growth, business strategies and projects. Ferretti says 2022 was ‘decisive in terms of new models and extending the range, with 54 models (of which four are sailing boats) against 42 in 2021’.

According to the company, the new yachts from the Pershing, Wally, Riva, Custom Line, CRN, Itama and Ferretti Yachts brands are the fruit of the group’s investment plan, which amounted to €68 million in the first nine months of 2022.

Investments in recent years have served to boost production capacity and the group now has around 290,000 square metres at its various sites, up 14.5 per cent on 2021. Ferretti Group says this strong positive trend is also reflected in the financial results for Q3 2022, with revenues at €781.1m and an order backlog close on €1.4bn.

Wallywhy150 and Wally update

The press conference also covered new models and projects from the group’s brands, ranging from Wally and its new wallypower58X project – a powerful sterndrive in the wallypower range – to progress reports on the wallywhy150, which will make its world debut at the Venice Boat Show 2023. Ferretti confirms the engine has already been installed on the wallywhy150 and the hull-to-deck joint completed, as well as on the wallywhy100.


According to Ferretti, construction is also proceeding at a brisk pace on the wally101 full custom performance cruiser, the latest generation cruiser-racer built from carbon fiber sandwich laminate that will be launched in the spring.

Discussing the group’s growth and investments, Ferretti Group CEO Alberto Galassi says: “This is just the beginning… We’ve been determined in recent years to focus on the long term and fuel Ferretti Group’s growth with all the right ingredients: investments in innovation and sustainability, sustained recruitment of high-flying young talents, and initiatives to build on our brands, which are unique in their appeal, history and prestige. “This, in addition to the extremely positive signals we keep getting from the market, is why I’m expecting an exciting 2023, in terms of both orders and all the beauty and wonder that our boats will be bringing to the international yachting scene.”

Pershing developments

The main developments at Pershing include the new GTX 116 and the GTX80 project, which is to accompany the flagship from 2024 on. Another revelation was the official name of the latest sensational project from Riva, the Riva 82’ Diva. Custom Line presented its Navetta 38, the first navetta to have a deck level with the water, while Ferretti Yachts gave a world preview of its Ferretti Yachts 580, a happy symbiosis of luxury and design, as well as presenting the first model in the new InFYnito range, Ferretti Yachts InFYnito 90. The InFYnito range is characterised by materials and an approach to cruising that respect the environment and sustainability, as well as by personalised and custom detailing and a direct link with the sea and the sky.

Ferretti Yachts 580

Ferretti Yachts 580 is the result of collaboration between the strategic product committee led by Piero Ferrari and the Ferretti Group engineering department. The exterior styling is once again by architect Filippo Salvetti – who has now designed six boats for the brand – while the interiors are the work of Ideaeitalia as part of the firm’s ongoing collaboration with Ferretti Yachts. The exteriors of the Ferretti Yachts 580 feature an attractive design with clean, sporty lines. A wide range of customisation options are available for the main deck and also on the lower deck, which offers two layouts, both with three cabins.

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