First submersible hydrofoil under construction

Italian start-up iSpace2o has commenced production of the first hull of its DeepSeaker DS1 electric submersible hydrofoil vehicle, which has room for a pilot and up to three passengers.

It’s reported that the first ten units of the DeepSeaker DS1 have already been commissioned by one of the largest international navigation groups, which will use them as entertainment for its cruise ships’ passengers.

According to the team behind the DeepSeaker DS1, the submersible hydrofoil will be capable of over 30 knots on the water, but also of diving up to 50 metres to allow passengers to enjoy the wonders of the sea depths.

As well as being used as a superyacht toy, the new submarine technology of the DeepSeaker DS1 is designed to provide safe maritime transport to users both in the field of marine tourism above and below the surface and for public utilities such as rescue at sea and scientific research.

The project has been funded by a government Smart & Start Invitalia loan and industrial partnerships: Sealence will supply the DeepSpeed electric jet powertrain; Giancarlo Zema Design Group is designing the look; and Blaze Performance team of Formula 1 H2O – the international series of single-seater inshore circuit powerboat racing – is undertaking the construction of the hull and the development of the vehicle.

“The technology is now mature and around the planet this kind of boats are starting to have more and more appeal,” comments Eng. Giuseppe Carusi, the start-up’s CEO. “iSpace2o, thanks also to its industrial partners, has the ability to position itself at the apex of this market thanks to a high-level technological offer and a unique design, elements that are not always found in products of competitors.”

Images courtesy of iSpace2o.

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