Hunstanton RNLI lifeboat dispatched to Lincolnshire to rescue people stuck at sea for 12 hours

A Hunstanton RNLI hovercraft has been used to rescue four people from a powerboat which had run aground 12 hours earlier off Tabs Head in Lincolnshire.

The Spirit of West Norfolk was dispatched after the UK Coastguard requested its launch at 1am this morning. The lifeboat’s crew found the vessel at Tabs Head but were unable to get to its location, and had to use a hovercraft to carry out the evacuation.

All four members of the crew were wearing lifejackets, according to the RNLI, but were not dressed in suitable clothing and were in distress.

The Norfolk lifeboat took the four people on board to Fosdyke, Lincolnshire before returning to its station at 5.20am.

The RNLI has advised those going out to sea to check they have the means to raise the alarm before they leave shore. Members of the public who see someone in trouble at sea should dial 999 and ask for the coastguard.

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