Meercat Boats celebrates a decade in multirole vessel build concepts

For the past decade, Meercats has been designing multipurpose vessels, single vessel replacements of several workboats in a fleet. Its boats are found operating from ship servicing in Southampton, to marine civils in Norway, through to aquaculture support in Tasmania and oil spill response in the Middle East.

Despite no two Meercats being identical (each vessel is specifically designed for the role it will perform), to date, all Meercats ever built are said to be still in operation, with many taking on further tasks than planned when they were originally purchased.

The Meercat concept began as a road transportable multipurpose workboat, which in time also expanded to include conventional hull versions.

Recent new builds include Guernsey Harbours’ new 15 metre steel Meercat MRV15, Scottish Salmon’s new MRV15 aquaculture vessel, and the Meercat MRV 22 metre landing craft, Toplander, which is currently contracted to BK Marine in the Shetland Isles.

Meercat Boats builds 14-24 metre single- and multiple-hulled steel multirole workboats from its Southampton waterside purpose-built shipyard.

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