VIDEO: Mo-jet ramps up its modular surf-jet-dive scooter and e-foiler


Claiming to be the world’s first modular electric-powered surf toy that can transform from jet surfer to jet bodyboard to e-foiler to scooter diver, Mo-jet has secured three new shareholders as part of a capital increase.

Developed and manufactured in Germany, Mo-jet is designed to be one drive unit with plenty of ways to surf. It features a modular design, meaning users can switch modules depending on its use – from a surfboard and rescue board, to a dive scooter, a hydrofoil jet and so on.

The company is currently running a Kickstarter campaign for funding. Its electric board is made up of one main power unit with different ends and attachments that can be snapped on or off.

The ‘body module’ turns the jetboard into a compact, agile bodyboard designed for kneeling on. The ‘dive module’ can be used to dive under the water. Designed for deep dives or ‘gliding from reef to reef’, the rider shifts their weight to control their depth. The ‘surf air module’ turns the jetboard into a jet-powered surfboard.

The rescue module has an elongated body with eleven grips, which means it can be used to tow several people at once. It doesn’t require a driving license and can reach speeds of up to 50km/h. 


The modular format means the board can be developed for even more uses in the future. 

Surfer Calle Höltig tells T3: “The modular approach offers endless possibilities for riding fun. One moment it’s a bodyboard that lets you plunge through metre-high waves; the next, it’s an inflatable jetboard that the kids can tear through the water on.”

The battery can charge up to 95 per cent in 45 minutes and is designed to cool as users are riding the board, which also helps to extend the battery’s life. To make it easier to carry about, the battery is also split into two sections of the board, to give a more even weight distribution.

Mo-jet can be used at full power for around 20 minutes at speeds of more than 65 km/h. 

“With mo-jet we are creating the most varied and at the same time most high-performance water sports experience at an unbeatable price,” says founder Benjamin Köhnsen. “It has never been so easy and so tempting to dive into the world of water vehicle playthings.”

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