New fire-fighting vessel makes a splash with John Deere engines

One of the UK’s leading aluminium vessel manufacturers, Aluminium Marine Consultants Ltd (AMC), has launched a high performance, first-in-class fire-fighting vessel.

A tri-partnership agreement was signed between AMC, Naval Architect Walker Marine Design and fire-fighting supplier Angloco Limited to design and build the fire-fighting vessel, formally named Barracuda.

Built at AMC’s Shipyard in Cowes, Isle of Wight (UK), Barracuda is the first build of a new generation of fire-fighting vessels which has been specifically designed and built to undertake multiple roles to meet the risks and hazards of modern-day marine fire-fighting.

AMC Director, Nigel True comments: “The order was a vote of confidence for the UK marine industry, the UK economy, and emerging export market for fire-fighting and multi-role vessels.”

The 14m vessel will deliver speeds of up to 32 knots and, with pumps powered by John Deere marine engines, supply up to 4,500 litres of water per minute from each monitor. The twin John Deere 6090SFM85 inboard engines were supplied by E. P. Barrus Ltd. and have a power rating of 242kW (325hp) at 2100 RPM. The engines are M1 duty rated – the heaviest duty available – and can be used at full wide-open throttle 24 hours a day.

“Barracuda has been an interesting and exciting vessel to work with,” comments Sam Pearson, Sales Engineer for John Deere marine engines at E. P. Barrus Ltd. “Although we have worked on fire-fighting vessels before, this is a first for us in the UK, so it was brilliant to be part of the project and carry out successful sea trials with the Aluminium Marine Consultants team.”

The water will be fired from three monitors and range up to 120 metres, and the vessel will carry a full set of fire-fighting equipment to tackle marine-based emergencies, so these heavy-duty engines were essential to deliver the performance required.

The Barracuda vessel has been successfully delivered to globally renowned customer Angloco Limited which has recently celebrated a 50th anniversary milestone for designing, manufacturing and supplying special purpose fire-fighting and rescue vehicles and equipment globally.

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