Norfolk marine services firm building UK’s first hybrid pilot boat

By | June 13, 2018

Alan Goodchild, managing director of Goodchild Marine Services, with Robin Mortimer, Port of London Authority chief executive, at the formal signing of the ORC 136.HY contract. Picture: Todd-White Art Photography/Ben F

A Norfolk boat builder will be making the UK’s first hybrid pilot boat.

The boat, which combines diesel and electric power, was ordered by the Port of London Authority (PLA) from Goodchild Marine Services in Burgh St Peter, near Great Yarmouth.

It is partnering with two British companies to develop the engine and hybrid system and will create the pilot cutter around the ORC design it adapted for the UK market.

The vessel, expected to reach up to 15 knots under hybrid power, is due for delivery in spring 2019.

Alan Goodchild, managing director of Goodchild Marine Services, says: “We are already witnessing low emission lorries and taxis, and diesel is being banned in some cities, so it makes sense that boats are next.”

PLA chief executive, Robin Mortimer, says: “Introducing the hybrid boat is going to result in a major improvement in the environmental performance of our operations.”