Radinn launches rental-ready electronic jet surfboard

Radinn X Sport

Radinn, a Sweden-based manufacturer of electric water boards, is moving into the rental market with the latest version of its X-Sport jetboard.

Released late last year, the X-Sport is a jet surfboard with an electric motor that can propel riders to speeds of up to 44 km/h, or 56 km/h with the ‘pro’ version.  

The firm claims the upgraded version of its X-Sport is the industry’s first rental-ready electronic motorised surfboard, thanks to an improved battery that can withstand charging and depleting several times a day.

“Our new warranty reflects this use case, so rental companies can feel confident in expanding their portfolio,” Radinn’s chief product officer Martin Malmqvist explains, adding the board could potentially be rented at locations including surf clubs and resorts.

“Our latest electronics and software development means more resistance to duress of different types,” adds Malmqvist. “We’re currently the only player in our sector that offers a battery capable of withstanding charging and depleting several times a day, as is common in a rental situation. 

Radinn X-Sport

A Radinn spokesperson tells MIN that the company trialled the new board at a pilot ‘Surf Club concept’ in two different locations this summer “with success”.

Radinn estimates that the board’s rental price will range from US$100 to US$300 per two-hour session, depending on the local market. To buy outright, the X-Sport costs upward of US$12,995, excluding VAT.

“Our vision as a company is to bring the dream of surfing to the people, regardless of weather, surf experience or location,” says Malmqvist. “We are excited to increase access to the sport and become the first company in the world to offer a rental-ready and warranty-backed jetboard.”

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