BRP lifts lid on new ‘hidden’ Rotax Outboard Engine


Canada-headquartered powersport product company, BRP is planning to launch fully redesigned Manitou, Alumacraft and Quintrex boats featuring the new Rotax Outboard Engine, which is partially ‘hidden’ under the boat.

BRP says the new Rotax Outboard Engine with Stealth Technology is initially offered in 115hp and 150hp configurations and delivers the same advantages of a traditional outboard engine — such as price, performance, handling, ease of maintenance, and full trim — with additional benefits of being ‘hidden’, quiet and efficient.

‘Partially submerged underwater, hidden under the boat, the engine is smooth and quiet at any speed. It doesn’t block the way at the stern and therefore frees up valuable space,’ says BRP.

Karim Donnez, president, Marine Group at BRP says: “Today, we are proud to unveil disruptive new Manitou pontoons as well as Alumacraft and Quintrex boats that transform and revolutionise the boating experience. Built upon the brands’ respective legacies, and elevated through BRP’s unique design approach and stealthy engine technology, these new products are much more distinctive, contemporary and spacious. This is only the first wave of what we have set out to achieve in our marine business, and we plan to continue pushing technology even further.”

The Rotax Outboard Engine offers a claimed 20 per cent improved fuel efficiency compared to traditional outboard engines. The manufacturer also claims it has a 12 per cent reduction in reportable emissions, and a 98 per cent reduction in carbon monoxide at idle compared to leading outboard engine brands.

New Manitou, Alumacraft and Quintrex revamps

The new Manitou Cruise will be available as a 20ft, 22ft and 24ft model, while the Manitou Explore range will be available as a 22ft, 24ft and 26ft model. The design features a bold, modernised, easy to maintain exterior thanks to an aluminum transformation process traditionally only used in the luxury automotive industry. The exterior bow area is also very distinctive, with its new Manitou lighting signature encompassing the navigation lights.

The new Alumacraft Competitor and Alumacraft Trophy 2023 models come with new injection molded console designs, configurable windshield, digital integration, and reengineered bow for anglers to catch all the action happening underwater.

The Competitor and Trophy offer features such as the sleek Max Deck platform and the clever X-Pods that wrap around the engine to extend the transom for added standing room and water access at the stern. When equipped with the new Rotax Outboard Engine and the Max Deck, consumers will have a transom and deck design that provides 25 square feet of additional, uninterrupted space compared to traditional boats.

BRP says the Quintrex Freestyler has been modernised to appeal to a wider base of families in Australia. The new Freestyler X is offered in three configurations with the Rotax Outboard Engine: the 595 version is available with 150hp, and the new 555 version with 115hp or 150hp. The new Stealth Technology of the Rotax engine increases the usable space onboard, and enables the Max Deck platform.

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  1. Jerry Glass says:

    Are you proud of what did to the Evinrude customs and dealers.


  2. Jerry Glass says:

    You had a great outboard, the G2.
    Are you going to not support the customers and dealer like you did with Evinrude.
    Anyone becomes a dealer hold on, you will have a bumpy ride

  3. Gregg rousselle says:

    Loved my evinrude g2 200 hp. Parts delivery long wait and Pricing. Forced me to go with mercury.