Sailing charity to dissolve after 25 years

After a quarter of a century helping young sailors to achieve their sailing goal, the trustees of the John Merricks Sailing Trust have announced their intention to dissolve the charity.

The remaining funds will be applied to a purpose that will continue to honour the memory of the Olympic dinghy sailor John Merricks, who died at young age in a car crash in October 1997.  

Ian Walker, Merricks’ former sailing partner and chair of the trustees, says: “Thanks to the generosity of so many, in the last 25 years the Trust has made grants totalling £730,000 to 285 individuals and organisations in John’s name. This has funded the purchase of 235 boats and boards for young sailors and given many young sailors opportunities they never might have had. However, with the passage of time since John’s death, and the effect of the covid pandemic on the charity’s current and future income, the trustees have decided that the 25th anniversary of John’s accident, which will be in October 2022, is a fitting point at which to wind up the charity and dispose of its remaining assets.   At that time, we intend to use the residual assets of the Trust (approx. £200k) to fund a continuing legacy to honour John’s name.”

The trustees are inviting applications from individuals, other smaller charities and sailing organisations that would accept a financial award and provide a legacy in John’s name that will last for at least ten years.  

Preference will be given to dinghy or windsurfing initiatives, however, all proposals that fit the objectives of the charity will be considered.

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