Sanlorenzo launches first superyacht with methanol-powered interior

Boat bow with lots of people celebrating

Sanlorenzo has launched the first unit of the 50Steel. This is being touted as the world’s first superyacht to be delivered with a green methanol reformer fuel cell system, capable of powering the onboard hotel systems with zero emissions. Over seven hundred guests watched as it was launched.

The switching on of the methanol system is scheduled for July this year. At that point the methanol reformer, developed in collaboration with Siemens Energy to transform green methanol into hydrogen and then into electrical energy (without storing hydrogen on board), will be operational for the yacht’s ‘hotel’ systems.

Sanlorenzo’s green methanol fuel cell system

Sanlorenzo says its revolutionary solution will allow the ship to generate electrical energy up to a maximum of 100kW, with propulsion engines and diesel generators turned off. It will significantly increase the time spent at anchor without diesel fuel consumption, covering about 90 per cent of the typical usage time of a superyacht with zero emissions.

The other novel factor about this boat, is its hidden engine room (HER). That’s described as modifying the traditional layout of the boat. A redesign of the engine room layout has made room for new ways of interpreting space while keeping the product under 500 tons of displacement. Instead of a two level configuration, the propulsion system runs horizontally and there’s a new ‘distribution’ of the technical area in the under lower deck.

This means Sanlorenzo can ‘exploit’ spaces in the lower deck area, where an additional lounge directly connects to both a beach club equipped with a pool, and the guest area (cabins are accompanied by gym and spa areas).

Aerial view of boat

“With the launch of the 50Steel, Sanlorenzo celebrates a fundamental milestone in its history, in the spirit of innovation and sustainability,” says Cav. Massimo Perotti, chairman and CEO of the group (which includes Bluegame). “The new line of superyachts embodies the pioneering spirit and passion for challenges that have always guided us in the design and construction of our fleet. I believe what sets us apart is the ability to drive industry innovation, embracing cutting-edge solutions not only in design, always elegant and comfortable, but also in the field of technology and sustainability, to achieve the ambitious goals of reducing our environmental footprint.”

This follows Ferruccio Rossi stepping down as Sanlorenzo’s executive director in April this year. Rossi had held the roles of executive director, general manager and executive within the company, which is based in La Spezia. He ‘concluded’ his professional cycle but was – weeks later – appointed as CEO of Sanlorenzo Monaco Group.

Layout details for 50Steel and it’s methanol-powered hotel system

50Steel spans five staggered decks. This new and disruptive internal architecture is imperceptible from the external profile, which maintains a clean line, in Sanlorenzo style, thanks to design by Zuccon International Project studio.

Boat stern with staggered decks

Taking in the opportunities offered by HER, 3D technology has been used for the first time. This allowed the technical model, developed by Sanlorenzo, to be overlaid with the architectural model including Piero Lissoni’s interior design.

Sanlorenzo believes its drive for innovation has profoundly changed the yachting world over the years. It cites its terraces within the hull, the asymmetrical layouts and open space concepts on board as examples.

Now it says for the decade up to 2030 the focus lies on sustainability and technological revolution (and black and white imagery it seems). It’s set out a clear path toward carbon neutrality, with exclusive strategic agreements in mobility and sustainable energy, such as with Siemens Energy and Rolls-Royce Solution GmbH – Global Marine (MTU), for the development of the innovative and environmentally friendly solutions.

Sanlorenzo at the British Motor Yacht Show

Sanlorenzo made its show debut at this year’s British Motor Yacht Show, which ran from 16 to 19 May 2024, although its methanol-powered superyacht was not present. However, throughout the event at Swanwick Marina (Southampton), the team at Sanlorenzo Yachts UK presented a Sanlorenzo SL90A, which, at 28 metres, was the largest yacht on display at the four-day boat show.

All images courtesy of Sanlorenzo (including facebook film).

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