Sustainable solutions database for superyachts launched

Water Revolution Foundation, a non-profit on a mission to drive sustainability in the superyacht industry, launched its database of sustainable solutions yesterday. The foundation aims for the database to become the main reference point for the superyacht industry to search, compare and select verified sustainable solutions.

The database is part of Water Revolution Foundation’s objective to accelerate change in the superyacht industry through innovation, collaboration and knowledge sharing. “I know for a fact that there are more sustainable solutions available today than most yachting professionals are aware of. If these were all to be implemented, a significant reduction in environmental impact could be immediately achieved,” says Robert van Tol, executive director.

Sharing systems, knowledge and best practices in order to increase their adoption and fast-track sustainability is where the database of sustainable solutions excels, says the foundation. In particular, solutions that contribute to increased efficiency, reduction of environmental impact, cleaner processes, corporate social responsibility and human health are sought for inclusion in the database.

The database will be launched in two phases.

The first phase, just launched, where suppliers are encouraged to submit their solutions for verification. The global shift towards sustainability has resulted in a large number of solutions claiming to be sustainable and their effectiveness needs to be verified. Therefore, before a solution will be published in the database, it will first be verified. This process involves a rigorous appraisal of the solution, assessing ten different environmental indicators over a solution’s entire life cycle, from raw material extraction through its end of life. If a solution is found to contribute to a sufficient reduction in environmental impact, it will obtain a stamp of verification and be included in the database.

The second phase will commence in early 2021 with the public launch of the database with the solutions verified at that point promoted among key decision makers.

The database is aligned with global scientific developments in sustainability. “Promoting inclusive, sustainable solutions and fostering innovation are at the top of the international agenda, and will provide a new path for economic growth,” says Vienna Eleuteri, initiator and vice-chair of Water Revolution Foundation.

The foundation is now calling upon suppliers to submit their solutions for verification and inclusion in the database. “The suppliers of these sustainable solutions deserve a stage to be promoted among key decision makers, rewarding them and highlighting that investing in a sustainable future is not only the right thing to do, but that it also pays off. We look forward to working together to make this the leading reference for the superyacht industry,” adds van Tol.

The first 20 companies are eligible for a reduced participation fee, provided their solution meets the criteria. Suppliers can sign up and register their solutions to be verified on

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