The world’s most expensive superyacht duvet?

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CC Design is producing what it believes to be the world’s most luxurious tailored duvet for clients in the superyacht industry. . . and it costs a mere €59,000.

According to Christophe Cotte, the master craftsman at CC Design, the price tag is due to its luxurious eiderdown filling, the soft under feather of the eider duck. More expensive per gram than white truffles, Crème De La Mer, saffron, and the world’s most expensive To’ak chocolate, eiderdown feathers cost a staggering €15 per gram.

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According to the company, eiderdown are the most insulating feathers found anywhere on earth, enabling the ducks to thrive in some of the planet’s coldest climates.

Female eider ducks pluck their feathers and line their nest to keep their eggs and young warm. On average an eider duck produces just two grams of down per year, making it scarcer than gold, platinum, and diamonds combined.

Each duvet contains 380g of eiderdown per square metre.

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Cotte, who mastered his craft in a French upholstery school, says: “At CC Design, we have supplied the ultimate luxury bedding to superyacht owners around the globe for almost 20 years, and our clients expect nothing short of the best.

“The billionaire owners of yachts like this think nothing of spending €37,698 on a bottle of whisky or €376,980 on diesel, so buying a duvet of this quality represents great value.”

CC Design is based in Antibes, France, and has received the Entreprise Patrimoine Vivant label, recognising its excellence in industrial and craft skills.

It also produces opulent 200g duvets, with prices starting at €14,650, and what Cotte believes to be the world’s most expensive superyacht mattress, The Auguste at €159,000.

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