Trapped passengers on Brittany Ferries eco-flagship treated like ‘hostages’

Brittany Ferries has apologised after its new eco flagship broke down after its third journey, leaving passengers trapped in Spain.

Salamanca left Portsmouth last weekend with more than 600 passengers for Bilbao, Spain.

But the ferry, which is the first in the UK to run off liquefied natural gas (LNG), suffered a fault in her engine on Saturday after arriving in Bilbao, reports The News.

Returning passengers were allowed to board the ship but say they were left in the dark about when the ship will be repaired.

“It’s been an absolute disaster. There’s been a complete lack of communication and the staff have had an attitude,” passenger Adam Yates told The News.

“Everyone is furious and disappointed. It started off as a laugh. We thought we might be able to get a few beers or wines for free. But then when we were told that nothing is free and we will only get two bottles of water, the mood really changed. Everyone is completely hacked off.

“They basically told us if we leave, we won’t be allowed back on. So we’re trapped on this boat. My partner said it feels like we’re hostages on a ferry.

“I’ll 100 per cent be looking for a refund. It’s been ridiculous.”

Brittany Ferries says it acted ‘as swiftly as possible’ to find a replacement part to fix the faulty engine component and Salamanca is expected to arrive in Portsmouth this evening (4Mar22). The spokesman told The News that all passengers who had been due to depart on Saturday were given free meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, excluding alcohol.

Main image courtesy of Adam Yates.

One response to “Trapped passengers on Brittany Ferries eco-flagship treated like ‘hostages’”

  1. Mr David J Walker says:

    I was on that crossing.
    The staff were wonderful, we ate for free.
    OK, info was a bit sketchy but it was a developing situation.
    BF did all it could and I will not be looking for any refund.