Ultimate Boat Company acquires TYNC Yacht Design

The Ultimate Boat Company (UBC) has acquired TYNC Yacht Design. This, it says, brings TYNC’s in-depth experience in working with sustainable materials to its ‘revolutionary’ powerboats.

Jeroen Wats will join UBC from TYNC as its technical director. He brings a new composite called Danutm with him, which UBC is now using to build all the hulls in its range, from trans-Atlantic racing yachts to workboats and sailboats. Said to be stronger and lighter than fibreglass, and less brittle than carbon, this super-tough sustainable material maintains its technical properties and strength indefinitely, so it can be reused over and over again, completely re-cycled, up-cycled or re-manufactured.

Danutm’s development came with, as Wats puts it, the realisation he was creating ‘ecological timebombs’.

“The focus has always been on pollution caused by the automotive and aerospace industries, but little on the impact of 250 million kilos of fibreglass dumped across Europe each year,” Wats says.

Crucially UBC says, its cost is comparable with traditional materials, and no additional manufacturing or labour costs are required. As well as attracting attention from the maritime industry, use of this cutting-edge material is drawing interest from other industries, including wind turbines and Formula 1.

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