Vertus Yachts appoints renowned naval architect

Vertus Yachts has chosen designer and engineer Valerio Rivellini to oversee all phases of the design and naval architecture of its new daycruiser range.

Rivellini will be tasked with supervising and coordinating each phase of production of the new Vertus Yachts range of 43-foot vessels. Rivellini will focus on the relationships with suppliers and the integration of the parts during construction. The boats will be built at a third-party shipyard, based in Campania.

Rivellini says: “Taking part in this project means contributing to an important page in nautical history while getting deeply involved with a variety of boats that I appreciate on a personal level. The coordinating role entrusted to me by the shipyard, which is not limited to design, is an honour and a great responsibility that I will carry out with the help of my studio’s team.”

The company, founded by Fabio and Alfonso Galdi, will launch its first 43-foot model this autumn.

“We choose to rely on Rivellini because we are sure that his background as a designer and a naval engineer with solid and eclectic experience is the ideal basis to coordinate every single aspect of our innovative project,” says Galdi. “In addition, of course, we have always appreciated Valerio’s original design for its refined yet simple features and for the great attention to functionality.”

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