VIDEO: £5.9m schooner sinks after being hit by supply vessel in Spain

A yacht, Eleonora E, has sunk after being hit by a supply vessel in a Spanish port.

The 49m yacht was moored at Port Tárraco, Tarragona, Spain, when the 60m offshore supply vessel Punta Mayor reportedly crashed into its starboard side during a manoeuvre. The yacht was submerged 30 minutes later in five-metre-deep water, according to eyewitness reports.

Tárraco authorities say that the engines of the supply vessel became blocked while it was reversing. The captain of the supply vessel attempted to drop both anchors and turn off the engines, but could not prevent the collision, which took place at 8.15am local time on Friday (10June22). No injuries have been reported.

Eleonora E is a replica of a classic 1910 schooner, delivered in 2000 and built by Dutch firm Van der Graaf. She was last listed for sale at €6.9m.

Shortly after the collision, port authorities placed barriers around the sunken boat to prevent any fuel spills and further collisions with other vessels in the port.

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