Video: Tragedy in Santa Cruz as tugboat capsizes

The operator of a tugboat that was assisting a Chinese-flagged ship died on Wednesday (2Feb22) after the vessel capsized in Puerto Deseado, in the province of Santa Cruz. Conflicting reports have one or two other people onboard who survived, but all agree that the operator’s son managed to jump out of the boat and was saved.

The incident occurred while the Gypsy V was towing the jigger Xin Shi Ji 26 through the Deseado estuary to the port area. Seemingly the Chinese vessel arrived days before to make the most of the squid season.

Videos recorded by the crew of the Asian ship show the tugboat alongside the fishing boat and then, shortly after, turning around and sinking.

According to Global Live Media, many businesses did not open their doors in the local port as a sign of mourning for the operator. He was well known in the locality with ‘vast experience’.

A video taken by the crew expresses the helplessness of the members of the boat. According to TN, one of the crew members is heard shouting: “Throw life preservers”.

The incident is being investigated by Argentinian authorities.

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