Watch incredible footage of cruise ship docking

Watch incredible footage of cruise ship docking

Severe winter storms across northern Norway have left several communities cut off with many local roads closed and ferry departures cancelled, according to

Vessels, including the MS Nordnorge, have skipped port calls and suffered delays. One local in Bodø caught the ship on camera as it struggled to cope with estimated winds of 55-60 knots as it entered the city’s harbour.

“It was quiet when Hurtigruten MS Nordnorge sailed into Bodø harbour,” Skipper Tormod Karlsen tells, “but then came the strong wind gusts from the northwest.”

The decision was taken that the ship couldn’t safely manoeuvre and to skip berthing and wait until the winds had died down.

“Since the ship had already dropped the anchor, it was now point of no return. We just had to leave it and use the engines for everything they were worth,” says Karlsen.

Karlsen estimates that there must have been wind gusts of up to 30 meters per second in Bodø harbour.

“It was tough. It is only in exceptional cases that we add quays in such winds.”

MS Nordnorge is a passenger ship generally found cruising the Arctic Circle. It seemingly has an on-board expedition team and serves as a university at sea with lectures, presentations and activities to make an educational journey.

MIN checked out the ship’s webcam, she’s back at sea.

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