Yacht Sentinel launches Sentinel Domotics to allow access to all info on NMEA network

Yacht Sentinel launches Sentinel Domotics to allow access to all info on NMEA network

Yacht Sentinel, a UK-based boat-monitoring manufacturer, has launched Sentinel Domotics. This, which the company says, is revolutionary, allowing users to remotely receive any information available on the NMEA network including engine and power source parameters, fluid level, wind data, water depth, and much more. The information is then displayed via an app.

“Over the last 12 years we have built an entire boating ecosystem based upon our spirit of innovation and service,” says Romain Devismes, CEO. “Sentinel Domotics is the latest in a long line of industry-leading products and our experts have been working tirelessly on it for over a year. So now, I’m really proud that we have designed a product that really delivers on our vision to be at the heart of the connected boat revolution. Sentinel Domotics is complementary to our wireless monitoring systems, on-board cameras and powerful Wi-Fi, and adds significant value to shipyards, dealers and fleet managers at an affordable cost.”

“With our deep understanding of the needs of our customers, the team has developed something that is both technically advanced and simple to operate,” says Avinash Patel, CTO. “Not only does Sentinel Domotics mean that NMEA data is literally in the palm of your hand, but our free partner platform offers services such as remote diagnostics to improve customer support, maintenance reminders, tasks management, service logs, messages and forums, and much more.”

Sentinel Domotics costs £399 as an introductory offer, with the first year of subscription included, and only £69 per year after that.

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