YANMAR, Mastry and Nautique collaboration produces new engine for wake sports market

YANMAR Marine International and south-east US YANMAR distributor, Mastry Engine Center, have partnered with water sports boat manufacturer Nautique Boat Company, Inc. to introduce a premium YANMAR diesel package to the recreational wake sports industry and superyacht tender market.

After announcing the joint collaboration two years ago, YANMAR, Mastry, and Nautique have developed the new package based on the YANMAR 8LV370 marine diesel engine, including custom speed control technology allowing the diesel to communicate seamlessly with the Nautique LINC Panoray and control systems. The YANMAR diesel is now the world’s first fully-integrated diesel option in wake sport boats.

The benefits of a diesel package are said to offer several advantages to meet key needs across the wake sports boating sector, including:

Greater fuel efficiency

The 8LV diesel offers significantly greater fuel efficiency over a gasoline counterpart. The 8LV’s 600 ft lbs of torque on the lower end of the power band delivers increased performance and acceleration but with a lower horsepower output, significantly on fuel burn.

Longer maintenance intervals

The YANMAR diesel should operate for 250 hours (five times longer than a gasoline) between regular services.

Cleaner operation

YANMAR engines exceed EPA tier III CO2 and NOx marine emissions regulations, measuring low for smoke, odour, and noise.

It’s said the fuel savings and fewer regular maintenance disruptions will be especially attractive to wake schools who want to maximise daily operations and superyacht owners who use a toy as their tender will benefit from a single fuel onboard.

“We recognised a premium diesel package would greatly benefit the rapidly-growing wake sports market. We are excited to announce the first fully-integrated solution – a YANMAR diesel package which works seamlessly with Nautique’s helm solution,” says Kevin Carlan, President, Mastry Engine Center. “It has been developed to work with the industry-leading Zero Off GPS speed control system, integrating with the Nautique display without adding a visible helm component.”

Available as an option in the 2021 Super Air Nautique G23 and G25 boats, the YANMAR 8LV features twin-turbos delivering high torque and ultra-responsive control. It has a power range of 550 to 3,800 rpm for easy manoeuvring and high top-end speed. The 8LV engine is notable for its powerful low-end torque performance and features an 8 cylinder 90 degree V configuration for balanced and smooth operation.

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One response to “YANMAR, Mastry and Nautique collaboration produces new engine for wake sports market”

  1. Tony says:

    This engine has been on the market since 2012, probably earlier. The electronic controls, also nothing new. Maybe the software package for the wake board application maybe new…..but not really. This is engine however is absolutely incredible!