Aqua superPower electrifies 580km of Catalonian coast

Aqua superPower

The Catalan Association of Tourist Marinas (ACPET) has partnered with Aqua superPower to create a network of connected marine fast-charging services for electric boaters to use along Catalonia’s coastline.  

The association has 46 members of the 53 ports in Catalonia, which accounts for 87 per cent of all port concessions granted in Catalonia. Through the partnership, Aqua superPower will supply and install its high-power smart grid marine chargers at no cost to the site owner/operator, creating an infrastructure for electric boats and charging corridors along the 580km of Catalonia’s coastline.  

Carlos Vassalo, VP business development for Aqua superPower and Albert Bertran, president of ACPET

Ports including Monaco, Portofino, Cannes and St. Tropez are already equipped with Aqua SuperPower chargers.

“At ACPET we want to help our members achieve their sustainability and decarbonisation goals. Working with Aqua superPower, we are able to offer our members fully connected marine fast-charging infrastructure to service the growing number of electric boats,” says Albert Bertran, president of ACPET. “We’re delighted to be partnering with Aqua superPower to be able to support people wishing to make their boating more sustainable by offering rapid charging and network infrastructure for electric boat users across our marinas.”

“We are thrilled to have been appointed ACPET’s marine fast charge partner in the aim to help their members reduce the impact of boating on the marine environment,” says Alex Bamberg, CEO of Aqua superPower. “Access to a charging infrastructure that offers a reliable plug and charge experience, offering features like charge point visibility, is essential for boat owners if they are to develop the confidence to transition away from liquid carbon fuels. This is why we are developing our dedicated marine fast charge network that will be accessible to all ACPET members.”   

Chargers on the Aqua network provide reliable and ultrafast 25kW-150kW DC charging for both leisure and commercial electric and hybrid boats, from jet-skis to superyacht tenders to passenger ferries.

The Aqua network will be accessible to boat users via the Aqua secure app, enabling them to view a map showing charger options and offering navigational aids to charger destinations.

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