CZone opens up smart boat tech to new markets

CZone, part of Advanced Systems Group (ASG) by Brunswick, is releasing its ‘smartest, sleekest, and most compact digital switching module’, which is fully waterproof and as flexible as possible so customers and OEMs can configure as required.

The CZone Control X digital switching module uses the latest smart MOSFET switching technology and features fully configurable inputs. Control X is the company’s first IPX7 fully waterproof module and is designed to provide more options for OEMs and technical installers.

“This opens up markets previously unavailable for digital switching due to space constraints and the requirement for fully waterproof systems,” says Geoffrey Morrish, product manager at ASG.

Features, such as multiple RGB lighting control zones, reversing motor H-bridge outputs and wiper motor synchronisation, are said to eliminate the need for additional third-party controllers.

“The Control X allows installers complete flexibility to configure the module to suit their specific requirements while removing the expense of having unused module channels,” continues Morrish.

Control X provides lighting control, including independent brightness of lights on the same colour zone, smooth transition colour effects and the ability to control lighting scenes from CZone circuits, like party mode and night-time navigation.

Control X allows users to synchronise up to eight wiper motors on the same module and configure slow and high-speed control as well as three intermittent timers in the CZone configuration tool.

CZone says its latest MOSFET technology eliminates the need for physical fuses with temperature monitoring and overcurrent protection in smaller, more reliable components. Capacitive touch buttons for manual override eliminates the need for the traditional manual fuse bypass. Control X works with 12V and 24V power supply and includes an ultra-low power consumption mode that draws less than 5mA.

Control X is compatible with all existing CZone systems and will be available in 2022.

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